We are proud of our testimonials.

LCL understands what we are trying to achieve. Our consultation was tailor-made and included a written questionnaire, as well as several focus groups. The final report was truly amazing in detail with no stone left unturned! I will be continuing working with LCL throughout this year to follow up consultation and make it a key part of our planning.

Jo GoldsmithManager, The Ark Children’s Centre, Hoddesdon

I found working with Listening for Children fantastic. They were fast, approachable, professional and dependable. I have ended up with a report that I was able to share with stake holders and this was received very favourably when looking for real evidence to guide future services.

Ben SladdenManager, Little Feet Children's Centre, Berkhamsted

I found the data service to be very efficient and staff had good knowledge of Children's Centres. In addition the turn around time was very quick. Thank you!

Pauline WilliamsManager, South Oxhey Children's Centre, South Oxhey

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Listening For Children. They are efficient, professional and approachable. I am extremely happy with the service they have provided us with and would hope to be able to use them again in the future.

Sally GubbAspects Schools Partnership, Bishops Stortford

This is the most useful and comprehensive piece of work I've been involved in during my time as a Children's Centre co-ordinator.

Linzi CollingsWoodlands Children’s Centre, Milton Keynes

Especially pleased with the whole report, a fantastic way to show OFSTED and partners all the hard work we are doing! I would most definitely recommend you - let's get a date in the diary for you to come next year!

Emma StaceConniburrow Children’s Centre, Milton Keynes

I would definitely recommend Listening for Children. The personnel have been excellent. The after service has also been great. The project was tailor made to our requirement and we are certainly going to take forward the information to inform , shape our future practise.

Sajni SharmaNewstead Children’s Centre, Barnet

The project was well-delivered with good communication and outcomes achieved. I loved the feedback, really gained an understanding of the families’ views. The report was very clear and well written.

Lisa TophamPre-school Learning Alliance, London

I would recommend Listening for Children as they have a very experienced, professional team to consult with children. The report that was produced by them following on from the project, provides a wealth of information along with clear recommendations moving forward. This report has also enabled us to make positive changes to some of sessions which will result in increased wellbeing and involvement for children. All settings would benefit from undertaking the Children's Voice project.

Sam BallSeedlings Children’s Centre, Milton Keynes

I would recommend Listening for Children, Amy and her team have taken the time to understand my needs and what I want as an outcome. They all work hard to achieve results I am happy with.

The project priorities plan has enabled the team to have a better understanding of the needs of the community and how we can respond to those needs. I have valued being able to trust the Listening for Children team to do the job effectively and within the brief. Listening for Children maintain very good communication and regularly meeting helps with the projects flow.

Sarah LawlorHatters Children’s Centre, Luton

I have never been excited by data or fully wanted to read it all but this doc has changed that! Thank you so very much.You have no idea how thrilled I am with this. I now don't have to trawl through all of the data linked with the indicators. I have all the information to back up all of our community knowledge in one easy, understandable, user friendly document! Such a relief for The Data Autumn visit - could be now be an enjoyable experience thanks to your super efficient service.

Andi HuntleyManager, Ebury Children's Centre, Watford

You've been most helpful and your company was very easy to work with. We thought planning, communication and project management were excellent. Your team was experienced in speaking with the general public and sensitive to the needs of families with young children. We were amazed at the depth of analysis, as were our Governors. We would recommend you to other Children’s Centres; you are very aware of what Children's Centres are about.

Val GarlandManager, Creswick Children’s Centre, Welwyn Garden City

LCL conducted our recent consultation very well. We are using the results to inform our SEF and Development Plan and will use it as evidence for OFSTED.

Jennifer HendersonManager, Silver Birches Children's Centre, Ware

The Consultation process was effective due to the willingness of LCL to 'lead' and advise. LCL ensured that effective methods were used to obtain a greater depth of understanding from our community. All feedback has been shared with the team and Advisory board; and have underpinned the Centre development plan.

Linzi SchierManager, High Trees Children’s Centre, Turnford

The LCL team was engaging and approachable when conducting the interviews with parents and we felt they felt at ease and were able to give their views honestly. We were also pleased with the presentation to our Advisory Group. We are using it to help us develop specific services that were identified as being needed by the target groups.

Lorraine ImberManager, Alban Way Children’s Centres, St Albans

LCL has provided a personalised information package for our outreach service. OFSTED and the local authority have recognised the data analysis as outstanding. LCL listened to our needs, analysed the raw data and interpreted the information with us to inform our provision. LCL service is professional, detailed and fast! I highly recommend LCL.

Cherrie DemainDeputy Head, LINKS EESC, St Albans

LCL consultants were very approachable and friendly. LCL reports provided outstanding detail presented in a visually pleasing and easy to understand way.

Karen StaggManager, Great Wood Children's Centre, Essendon.

We were very happy with the results we got from LCL. The main point for me was that LCL understood that we wanted local families' views who lived in our Children's Centre area and understood the importance of postcodes!

Lucy HammondManager, Waterside Children's Centre, Welwyn Garden City

I was pleased with our recent Consultations delivered by LCL. Consideration was given to each of the four Children's Centre requirements and I was kept updated on progress weekly. Children's views were sought effectively, and parents and carers were thoroughly questioned using appropriate methods. The analysis and reports we received were very good. Overall, LCL provided an excellent, professional and friendly service!

Serreta PritchardChildren's Services Manager, YMCA Central Hertfordshire

LCL provided an excellent service. Amy and her team were excellent at keeping me informed about progress. The methods used to obtain the views of parents and carers were varied and suited the target groups well. The report is of a very high standard. I would recommend LCL unreservedly.

Anne PeckManager, Applecroft Children’s Centre, Welwyn Garden City

Duckling Green Children’s Centre has commissioned LCL to carry out a number of projects for us over the last two years.They conducted the initial community consultation before the centre opened and provided Duckling Green with a comprehensive report to form the basis of development of what families wanted. We also commissioned them to plan and co-ordinate a marketing workshop and a consulting with children workshop. Amy and her staff are very knowledgeable and professional, and combine this with a relaxed but focussed attitude.Thanks go to Amy and her team for being so easy to work with and providing focus, and bringing it together into a practical, workable plan.

Carol KingManager, Duckling Green Children's Centre, Sawbridgeworth

Amy was always happy to explain things to me, and was very approachable and helpful. LCL provided a very personal and responsive service, and I would definitely recommend them to another Children’s Centre.

Andrea KellyManager, Orchard Children's Centre, Tring

Thanks for all your help. I hope we are able to work together in the future. We are just working on the information from the non-users and we have used the children's views to look at our planning for sessions, and will continue to use the information gained.

Denise PooreRedgrave Children and Young People’s Centre

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Source: word cloud analysis of what clients have said in their feedback to us.

Client Feedback

Overall how satisfied were you with the project?


Fantastic service.

We were very happy with the service, thank you.

The data has clearly shown what needs to be improved and the suggestions made make the job of 'what next' easy.

Would you recommend Listening for Children?

100% of clients who gave us formal feedback said that they would recommend us

Yes, you are very aware of what Children's Centres are about.

Yes definitely.


Planning, communication and project management

The team at Listening for Children was able to respond to my request very quickly. They helped in clarifying what we wanted and provided a clear plan that we worked to.

Great. Maintained good communication in the planning process.

Well delivered and good communication – outcomes achieved.

Always kept very well informed

Obtaining the views of parents and children

The researchers were excellent, the families enjoyed the experience.

Consultants were incredibly friendly and were parents themselves so were approachable and empathised with our families.

Partners and parents valued the use of an outside agency - gave them freedom to speak their minds.

Analysis and reporting

Information very well presented.

Spot on - we asked for a non-wordy document, one that was user-friendly and that is exactly what we got.

The report is of a very high standard.

Outstanding detail presented in a visually pleasing and easy to understand way.

Very good analysis and reports received.

I particularly liked the way the quotes were included in the final paper- they were arranged in categories so that it was easy to see where our particular strengths lay.

Very through report. Professionally laid out.

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