About Us

Amy Lynch


Amy Lynch founded Listening for Children in 2009. It developed from her academic and professional career in research and psychology and her involvement in Early Years through her local Children’s Centre, where she is now Chair of the Advisory Board.

Chloe Hawkins


Chloe Hawkins joined Listening for Children as a director in 2011. Chloe has a background in psychology and operations and as Project Director, is responsible for all aspects of project management. Chloe also has direct experience of working with her local Children’s Centre, where she was a Toy Library Co-ordinator.

Freyja Halman


Freyja Halman joined Listening for Children as a director in 2011. Freyja is a research psychologist, and as Analysis Director, she designs and oversees all project analysis and reporting.

  • We are a small, friendly Early Years research company based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
  • Our projects involve gathering independent feedback from parents and children to generate evidence of success and areas for development.
  • Working primarily with Children’s Centres, we are passionate about the importance of early intervention in improving children's life chances and are proud of the role we play in evidencing their impact on families’ lives.
  • Our small core team is supported by a network of experienced freelance consultants who are involved on a project-by-project basis, as we match skills to project needs. Our consultants include Speech and Language Therapists, Early Years professionals, Interviewers and Data Analysts.
  • Since 2009 we’ve worked within Early Years to gather and analyse feedback from parents, carers and children in order to identify key successes and areas for development.
  • We have worked with over 30 Children’s Centres in Hertfordshire, Barnet, Luton and Milton Keynes to collate evidence of impact and identify areas for development.
  • We are specialists in consulting appropriately with parents, carers and children, and providing in-depth analysis. We understand and are sensitive to the priorities, pressures and challenges involved in working in Early Years. We aim to help you make a difference to your families’ lives.
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