• We consult with parents and carers to

    • gather their feedback about existing services
    • identify and explore how to overcome barriers to accessing services
    • explore how to prioritise and develop new services
  • We are experts at all stages of the consultation process; from planning and project management, to analysis and reporting.
  • We tailor our approach, choosing from a range of options to best suit your families:
    • Online survey
    • Paper questionnaire
    • Face-face interviews
    • Telephone interviews
    • Discussion groups
    • Consultation events
  • Our friendly and approachable consultants are trained to maximise engagement from families.
  • Our reports are visual and designed to be shared with your team, directors, governors, partners and OFSTED.

I have got some very valuable feedback from the consultation. The methods used were varied and suited the target groups well.

They were skilled in carrying out various research methods which provided us with both quantitative and qualitative evidence.

Worked hard to get venues on board for carrying out the survey. Incentives worked to get returns from the survey. It was the most comprehensive return from any survey we have carried out.

A comprehensive consultation with our community, showing the journey we have taken, which will be very useful for us and to show OFSTED.

  • We are passionate about children’s participation.
  • We have developed Children’s Voice for children as young as 2 years.
  • Objectives of recent Children’s Voice Projects have included
    • identify children’s activity preferences;
    • impact of interaction on wellbeing and involvement;
    • exploring school readiness;
    • preferences for outdoor and indoor play;
    • gender differences relating to story time;
    • learning preferences of pre-school boys;
    • Children’s perceptions of a Children’s Centre Stay and Play.
  • We design our approach around children’s ages, developmental stages, objectives and session structures to optimise the effectiveness of the session.
  • We plan carefully to ensure we are capturing the evidence you require to meet your objectives and provide you with information to make decisions.
  • Projects are delivered by an experienced team of psychologists, speech and language therapists and early years professionals.
  • We conduct thorough analysis and produce reports to include verbatim quotes, photographs and charts that can be used as evidence for OFSTED, as well as to inform service planning and evaluation.
  • We provide training workshops to share our expertise with you, your team and your partner settings. We share

    • our passion for Children’s Voice
    • our tools and techniques for Children’s Voice
    • how to embed Children’s Voice within sessions
    • how Children’s Voice helps improve the quality of sessions

The feedback and fantastic report from the Children's Voice project has enabled the team to come up with a clear action plan to ensure we are creating further opportunities to capture children's voices and improve the quality of sessions.

We valued the project as we were able to assess what we are doing well as well as areas to develop. We also valued an outside professional observing practice and the new ideas it gave us on how to capture children's voices.

  • New ideas how to collate and analyzes information.
  • Insight as to the importance of consulting with children.
  • Great to see a different approach to just asking the child.
  • Lots of ideas that can be incorporated within our setting.

Listening for Children are specialists in data analysis and feedback design. We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the data needs of Children's Centres.

We are experts in providing easy-to-interpret, visually-appealing summary reports using clear concise language and colourful charts. We can help you with:

Reach area analysis

  • We can help you make sense of your local population data at Children's Centre and LSOA level.
  • Our reports compare your data to District and County levels to identify priority indicators.
  • Provides you with supporting evidence to show where you have made an impact.

Feedback design and analysis

  • We can collate and analyse your feedback and evaluation forms from your groups and sessions.
  • Our reports identify strengths and areas for development to feed into your service delivery plan. 
  • We design benchmarking and feedback forms to enable you to monitor the impact you make.

Registration analysis

  • We can help you understand the profile of your service users and help you identify any gaps.
  • Our analysis can focus on LSOAs, ethnic groups, lone parents and other target groups.

I have never been excited by data or fully wanted to read it all but this doc has changed that!

Thank you so very much. I have all the information to back up all of our community knowledge in one easy, understandable, user friendly document!

The new feedback forms are easy for parents to fill in and the team were thrilled to see the evidence of what impact they are making – thank you!

I found the data service to be very efficient and staff had good knowledge of Children's Centres. Thank you!

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